Planting Seeds

‘To plant a seed, is to believe in tomorrow.’

In nature, the cycle begins with planting seeds. At Eleven Eleven we know that for us it is no different. Therefore we are also planting seeds; in the earth and in the hearts and minds of people. 

For each bottle sold, Eleven Eleven plants a tree. We now do this with the ‘Tree of Life’ organization in Brazil. This is one of our ways of giving back to nature. And this is just the start. 

With our product, we are also planting seeds in the minds of people. We want to increase the awareness around mindful drinking and the effects of alcohol consumption. As well to the human body as to society as a unity. Offering a non-alcoholic alternative is a way to open up the conversation and breaking taboos. 

Our closed loop production process teaches the importance of sustainable production. We increase awareness about the possible pollution of consumption and offer alternative solutions. Each order packaging contains flower seeds so the consumer can sow their own. A wonderful way to witness the process of creation and to connect to nature.