Read: Meet Frank

With a heart for hospitality and years of experience, Frank is one of the well known spirit suppliers in the south of The Netherlands. After producing multiple successful local brands and spirits, he is embarking on a new journey aimed at not just serving people but also nature. As a multi-talented entrepreneur he sees opportunities, but also focuses on their interconnectedness and the environment at all times.

‘It is time to make spirits more spiritual’

Sustainability is a key component to Frank. He believes that the choices you make today, affect the world of tomorrow. To create a better future, every step on the way has to be a sustainable one, valued for the long term.To earn money in an honest way he is innovative throughout the whole process. By producing a product that contributes to the health of others, while not contributing to the pollution of our beautiful planet. To not only take from nature, but to give back.

Eleven-Eleven is born. His goal is to make mindful drinking great. He makes people conscious of what is in their glass and in their body. Which ingredients does it contain and where do they come from? Frank wants to spread the message that you don’t need alcohol to have a good time and you don’t have to short yourself on a great taste by ordering alcohol-free gin. He wants to reach an audience who has a connection with the spiritual side of life: conscious people who are aware and focused on making good choices, but also want to enjoy and celebrate life. People who understand that one doesn’t have to exclude the other. On the contrary, it can enhance one another.